A collection of links to things I like or find interesting. | All you need is links
Most new “features” in web-based software can be represented as hyperlinks. | features are faults redux
This talk explains the root cause of all computer security bugs: features. | why i don’t use analytics | An opinionated list of best practices for textual websites | The small web is beautiful
This article is an excellent explanation of the “small web” culture that has so heavily influenced this website. | Business Value, Soccer Canteens, Engineer Retention, and the Bricklayer Fallacy
An argument against Scrum and the overuse of “metrics” to justify engineering work. | write posix shell
An argument in favour of writing more shell scripts. | Rethinking ‘Back to Normal’ in the Pandemicene
An article that excellently summarizes the public health disaster that society has wrought upon itself. | How to be a -10x Engineer
A satirical article explaining the ways engineering time can be wasted.