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For reasons that I am unable to fully elaborate, I suspect this web site might see more use from me during 2022. I’m over big-tech and “social media”, the regime of hijacking my attention for the mere sake of selling ads. Just simply done.

I’ve been gradually approaching a “low-tech” lifestyle for some time. Currently, the goal is not to reduce my computer time (I’m a senior software engineer — and I just don’t desire that), rather I just want to reduce my usage of corporate web technology. On top of that I want to reduce my usage of corporate-like software. Overly-complex “free software” is nothing but, even if I can read sources and specifications, sufficient complexity cannot be understood, and my control over my attention becomes compromised by the emulation of “dark patterns”.

So, step one of this whole process is to rename one directory on this site from “thoughts” to “blog” in order to properly capture the spirit of this weblog. I don’t yet know what step two is. Send me an e-mail if you have any suggestions. I may even respond.

’Til next time.